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August 11, 2008
Large scaled investment projects have to become a priority of the Irkutsk Oblast policy within the next few years, said Alexander Anchugin, director of the Oblast Economy Department. He said that such projects are a way to improve the Oblast social and economic conditions...
August 08, 2008
The only in Russia factory producing polycrystalline silicon (used for making solar power station elements, panels transforming solar energy into electricity) is about to reach its planned production capacity. The innovative factory of Nitol Solar is based at Usoliekhimprom and Usoliesibirsky Silikon enterprises located in the town of Usolie Sibirskoye...
August 07, 2008
The state corporation officially named 'Bank of Development and External Economic Activities (Vnesheconombank) has become a business partner of the 5th Baikal Economic Forum...
August 06, 2008
The issues of housing and investments in construction in agglomerations will be a separate topic for discussion at the 5th Baikal Economic Forum. According to Oleg Tolkachev, president of the Council of Federation Commission on Housing Policies, though natural agglomeration is nothing new, in the postindustrial epoch it requires serious analysis and decision making at the state level...
August 04, 2008
On September, 6-7, within the framework of the 5th Baikal Economic Forum, there will be an international workshop titled 'Stable development of big cities and agglomerations'. Leading experts in town-planning from Russia and other countries will discuss the aspects of development of the Irkutsk Oblast industrial cities, special tourist economic zones, and the creation of Irkutsk agglomeration...
July 31, 2008
The first submersion of the deep-diving manned vehicles in Baikal confirmed the scientists opinion that the bottom of the Lake in the Olkhon island part is a continuous plateau...
July 31, 2008
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will send its 27 representatives to the 5th Baikal Economic Forum. Among them will be the SCO general secretary Bolat Nurgaliev, president of the board of the Business Council Dmitry Mezentsev, president of the Peoples Republic of China national part of the Business Council Yui Lin...
July 31, 2008
Rosatom will take part in the 5th Baikal Economic Forum, said Larisa Zabrodskaya, director for relations with authorities of the Atomenergomash public corporation, at a press conference...
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