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September 12, 2011

Railway Bridge Across the Amur River is be Built as Part of the Mining and Metallurgical Cluster

Railway bridge across the Amur river is be built near the village of Nizhneleninskoye and the Chinese city of Tongjiang wihin the frames of the project for development of the Amur region and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

As Viktor Basargin, Minister of the Regional Development, informed at the VII Baikal Economic Forum, it is the key infrastructural facility of mining and metallurgical cluster in the Amur region, which is implemented in the Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region. "The bridge across the Amur will shorten the path of the cargo to 1,400 kilometers, which will reduce costs and increase competitiveness of Russian products to foreign markets," said the minister, "It will be the only permanent railway bridge across the Amur River for 3,000 kilometers of the Russian-Chinese border."

Now, the Ministry of Regional Development and the "Russsian Railways" are considering the mechanism of the subsequent recovery of investment, so that the investor's cost will be reimbursed by the customer of the bridge, RZhD OAO, in installments by additional revenue for the operational phase.

"The implementation of such a model would greatly enhance the investment attractiveness of the region, since it will provide the investor with firm guarantees of investments return in infrastructure at the legislative level. After working for this mechanism in practice, we recommend its use to other investors," - said Victor Basargin.





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